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We think green about cleaning 🙂

Grønt Renhold is an environment-friendly cleaning company in Oslo and Viken. We are growing fast and looking for cleaners to our dream team!

What can we offer you?

If you are a team player and not afraid of challenges, you will appreciate working in our company. See all the benefits that we offer!
High salary
Your starting salary will be 216,04 NOK gross per hour. You can earn over 33 000 NOK on a full time position!
Positive work environment
We support respect, empathy and overall understanding between colleagues. That is one of the foundations for our success!
Trustworthy employer
We are a legal cleaning company in Norway. Your rights and working conditions are secured in our company!
Full onboarding and support
Our leaders and office staff will provide you with full training, onboarding and support. We will take good care of you!

How can you start working with us?

Send us your CV
Fill out our online form and attach your CV in English or Norwegian. We'll contact you as soon as possible!
Test day
We'll have a short phone interview with you and arrange a test day at work. You will be working with our experienced leader.
After your first day, we will assign you to our cleaning coach on a regular work plan for further training. Welcome aboard!

Join our dream team!

If you're after a well paid, stable and comfortable job in Norway, choose our company. Apply for a job now via online form!

    How do we work?

    We clean private apartments, small offices and staircases. Our cleaners work in two-person teams from 8:00 to 16:00 on working days. We provide all necessary equipment, detergents, a company car and support from our amazing office staff!

    What do we expect from you?

    Our company is known for efficient cleaners and high quality services. If you want to help us strengthen this image, we’ll need some basic qualifications from your end!

    • Valid driving licence (Cat. B)
    • English – communicative
    • Positive attitude
    • Ability to work in a team

    Work experience from cleaning industry in Norway will be an advantage, but not a must-have!

    Questions you might have

    When do I get a job contract?

    Before you even go to a test day, we will sign a job contract with you. Your rights as an employee are secured from day 1.

    Is the test day paid?

    The test day is a normal working day and you will receive a salary for it regardless of the outcome.

    I speak Norwegian, do I have to speak English?

    That’s really impressive! Our customers especially appreciate cleaners who speak in their native language. However, not all of your colleagues at work will speak Norwegian. That is why communicative English is a mandatory requirement in our company.

    When will I receive a full working schedule?

    As soon as your training is completed, we will try to provide you with a full working schedule in either an existing cleaning team or build a new one for you.

    I do not have a Norwegian ID number. Is that a problem?

    We can sign a job contract without a Norwegian ID number. However, as soon as you receive your contract, you will need to go to a local tax office in order to receive a Norwegian tax card (skattekort). This is very important, without a Norwegian ID number we cannot pay you your salary!

    I do not have a Norwegian bank account. Is that a problem?

    Current law regulations i Norway require that we transfer your salary to an account that is owned by YOU. It can be a Norwegian or foreign bank account / Revolut etc.

    Ready to give it a try?

    We hope we've answered most of your questions. Now you can join our team, just fill out our online form and we'll contact you swiftly!